Why Are the Bricks on My Chimney Breaking?

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Why Are the Bricks on My Chimney Breaking

The bricks on a chimney can break for several reasons, even though other bricks on the house may remain intact. Here are some common factors that contribute to chimney brick damage.

Thermal Stress

Chimneys in Toronto are exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations due to the heat generated by fires and the subsequent cooling. This is most prevalent above the roof line where the cold winter air hits the chimney from the outside, while the warm air from a furnace exhaust or fireplace heats the inside. The repeated expansion and contraction of the bricks can lead to cracks and breakage over time. This also causes moisture and condensation within the chimney.

Moisture and Freeze-Thaw Cycles

Chimneys are exposed to the elements, making them vulnerable to moisture infiltration. When water seeps into the bricks whether it be from weather or from condensation inside the chimney, it can freeze during colder periods, causing it to expand. This expansion exerts pressure on the bricks, leading to cracking and spalling (surface deterioration).

Age and Wear

Chimneys are often subjected to more wear and tear than other parts of the house. They are exposed to wind, rain, snow, and other environmental factors. Over time, the constant exposure can weaken the mortar joints between the bricks, making them more susceptible to damage.

Lack of Maintenance

Regular chimney maintenance, such as inspections, cleaning, and repairs, is crucial for preserving the integrity of the bricks. Neglected chimneys may suffer from deteriorated mortar, which can weaken the brickwork and lead to breakage.

Improper Construction or Design

Chimneys that are not properly constructed or designed may have inherent weaknesses that contribute to brick breakage. This could include insufficient reinforcement, inadequate expansion joints, or improper flashing installation.

It’s important to note that the bricks on a chimney are typically more exposed to these damaging factors compared to other parts of the house. The vertical orientation of a chimney, along with its height and proximity to the roofline, makes it more vulnerable to the elements and temperature fluctuations.

To mitigate brick damage on chimneys, regular chimney inspections and maintenance are crucial. This includes repairing any cracks or deteriorated mortar promptly, addressing flashing issues, waterproofing the chimney, and ensuring proper ventilation. 

Our masonry crews specialize only in the repair of chimneys, and recognizing the above factors, we use materials and novel methods that most other companies do not. When we perform a chimney rebuild, it will stand the test of time and generally will last 30-50 years (depending on design and location of the home) without requiring further repair. The team at A1 Chimney is here to help you with your chimney in the GTA area anytime of the year. Give us a call at (416) 231-6560 or contact us online.

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