Gas service and furnace maintenance

Furnace and Hot Water Tank Installation:

If you are interested in replacing your old furnace, a high-efficiency furnace will cut your gas consumption by potentially hundreds of dollars on an annual basis, depending on the efficiency and size (power output) of your existing furnace. Aside from fuel cost savings, most high-efficiency furnaces feature energy-efficient motors. The cost savings related to electricity consumption could also be in the range of hundreds per year. And let us not forget the abundance of comfort we can get with the operational features and lower sound rating of certain high-efficiency furnace models.

When it comes to hot water tanks, you do not need to choose a specific installation location in the basement. However, tankless units have to be installed as close to both the water and gas meter as possible as their performance greatly depends on their location.

If you have an old boiler system, certain tankless units can also function as a combination boiler AND water heater that operate on an on-demand basis. This option will create huge savings for your family and free up the majority of space in your furnace room as compared to older models.

Furnace Maintenance:

Annual furnace maintenance is a must for any home. Furnaces are required to be serviced annually to maintain their warranty. Annual service ensures your furnace will operate at its best and maintain air quality and heat in your home. Lack of maintenance on your furnace can cause expensive parts to fail and potentially halt your heating in a cold winter. Call us for pricing for your furnace cleaning and maintenance.

Other Gas services:

We install and service all types of gas and propane lines for your furnace, barbecue, hot water tank, fireplace or stove. Services for gas appliances are numerous. Call us if you have any questions about our gas service.