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A Holiday Christmas Story – from a loyal customer…

Happy Holidays to all of our loyal customers! And to get you in the holiday cheer, we recently found out that one of our customers was inspired and wrote a short story about one of our sweeps that won a short story contest in the Guelph Mercury! Full text is below along with link:…/4284886-preparing-the-chimn…/ ‪ Preparing the Chimney for Christmas By Pauline Lachman “He’s here. The chimney sweep is here,” Uncle Ted called out. A puzzled frown appeared on Tayo’s face. “Why do you want to sweep the chimney?” she asked. Before anyone could give her an answer, she […]

Kids’ story about a chimney sweep

Hi all, Found this on the interwebs. Thought it was neat. The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep by Hans Christian Andersen (from Hans Andersen Forty-Two Stories [1930], translated by M. R. James)   Have you ever seen a real old-fashioned cupboard, quite black with age, carved with flourishes and foliage? Just such a one stood in a sitting-room; it had been inherited from a grandmother, and was all carved with roses and tulips from top to bottom: there were most elaborate flourishes on it, and among them little deer stuck out their heads with lots of antlers. But in the […]