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THIS is why your fireplace is smoking

We get hundreds of calls about smoke smells in homes coming from a fireplace. Sometimes it’s in the room where the fireplace is, sometimes the basement, sometimes the floor above… There are lots of reasons that this is happening: There may be a blockage like an animal or a nest or a lot of buildup in the chimney. There may be a problem with the chimney damper. The chimney may be damaged on the inside. These are all concerns and all things that should be checked, but these are NOT the main reasons for a smoky smell from the fireplace […]

What to burn….?

A lot of our customers have been wondering what they should be burning in their fireplace. The answer to this is that you want to burn a wood that will burn nice and hot, but will not create that much buildup in the chimney (called creosote) which can cause a chimney fire. So the short answer is that you should be burning a well-cured hardwood. Your wood should be dry – so wood that you get in the spring, chop and keep dry should probably be fine for use in the following fall/winter. Longer curing is even better. Hardwood is […]