A Holiday Christmas Story – from a loyal customer…

Happy Holidays to all of our loyal customers! And to get you in the holiday cheer, we recently found out that one of our customers was inspired and wrote a short story about one of our sweeps that won a short story contest in the Guelph Mercury!

Kids’ story about a chimney sweep

“The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep” is a fairy tale by Danish poet Hans Christian Andersen. The tale is about a romance between a china shepherdess and a china chimney sweep who are threatened by a carved mahogany satyr who wants the shepherdess for his wife.

Why you should never seal your chimney at the top

Recently, one of our customers asked us to investigate a chimney that was rebuilt just a few years prior by another company. Two of the three chimney flues are no longer used, so the contractor elected to seal both of these flues at the top of the chimney. Because a chimney is not insulated like your house walls, it needs to breathe. Otherwise, air expands and contracts on the inside of the chimney and builds up moisture. This causes frost which, over time, cracks the bricks and creates mineral deposits on the outside of the chimney, called efflorescence. This customer […]

What to burn….?

A lot of our customers have been wondering what they should be burning in their fireplace. The answer to this is that you want to burn a wood that will burn nice and hot, but will not create that much buildup in the chimney (called creosote) which can cause a chimney fire. So the short answer is that you should be burning a well-cured hardwood. Your wood should be dry – so wood that you get in the spring, chop and keep dry should probably be fine for use in the following fall/winter. Longer curing is even better. Hardwood is […]

Do I need a chimney liner?

I am writing this, not to give a blanket statement, but to let homeowners know the facts about steel liners. Last year, we received hundreds of calls from people requesting quotes to install a steel liner in their chimney. In many cases, these customers were told that a steel liner was required for their site-built, brick fireplace. Let me be clear; steel liners are expensive. And in this case, most of the time, are NOT needed. Brick fireplaces are, 99% of the time, part of the original construction of a home. They would, theoretically, have been constructed in compliance with […]